BH Cavislim-YS50 Cavitation Machine – Off-White

BH Cavislim-YS50 Cavitation Machine – Off-White has the following specifications This painless technique produces immediate results that can be seen from the first session. Thanks to the numerous programming options the CAVISLIM product line eliminates cellulite and orange peel syndrome in an effective and safe way, given that each area and type of cellulite requires a different form of treatment. The option to choose between continuous or pulsed mode and its different power levels give us results comparable to those that could be obtained from a cavitation session at beauty clinic. PROGRAMMABLE TIME Each session can be programmed very intuitively with times from between 1 to 15 minutes. NON INVASIVE Cavitation is a NON invasive slimming technique. i.e. without surgery or any other procedure that requires a medical operation or injections. SELECTIVE Unlike a diet, with cavitation you can decide which body part you wish to shape, tummy only, hips only, legs only, etc… or a full body treatment. You decide. SAFE AND EASY Cavitation is a very simple technique to use. It is effective and safe. 5 PROGRAMS The YS50 CAVISLIM EXCEL model has 5 different programs (work modes), so you select the one that best suits your needs. Each program represents a different level of pulse emission frequency. Program 5 corresponds to a continuous work mode (continuous pulse emission, more intensive than the other 4 programs). 5 INTENSITY LEVELS The YS50 CAVISLIM EXCEL model has 5 levels of intensity. In the manual you will find instructions that will allow you to select the most appropriate level for each case (depending on the accumulation of fat in each area). DVD VIDEO MANUAL Inside the box along with the machine there is a DVD containing an instructional video on the easy use of the unit.

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  • Non invasive
  • Selective
  • 5 intensity levels
  • Did video manual
  • 5 programs

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