Ice Appliance Ice Cream Pro

Ice Appliance Ice Cream Pro has the following specifications Some things just taste better when they’re homemade. And ice cream is no exception. With creamy soft-scoop ice cream or fruity frozen desserts in under an hour, this ice cream maker is a popular choice with kids and grown-ups alike. It is perfect for family dinners, kids’ parties and BBQs. With its compact size and stainless steel finish, it’s a stylish addition to any kitchen. The fully
automatic Ice Appliance Ice Cream Maker has its own built in freezer so there is no longer any need to wait hours to pre-freeze bowls before creating your own delicious frozen dessert. Simply pour in the ingredients, turn it on and let the Ice Cream Pro do its magic by gently churning and freezing your recipe whilst you wait.

Not only does this machine boast one of the smallest footprints in its class but its also the quietest on the UK market. It features a digital display control panel which shows both a countdown timer and the bowl temperature during operation. The 1.5litre capacity bowl allows you to make plenty of Ice cream, frozen yoghurt or Sorbet for your family or guests and is removable to makes cleaning easy. Another handy feature is its “COOLING” function which will allow you to store your frozen treat in
the bowl after the timer has count down without melting or over freezing. It will alternately freeze on and off every 10minutes to keep your ice cream ready to serve for an additional hour after the
timer stops.

The Ice Appliance Ice cream maker also comes with a free ice cream scoop, measuring jug and some great recipe ideas to get you started.

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  • Makes frozen desserts in 30 – 90 minutes
  • 1.5 Litre capacity
  • LED Timer and temperature display
  • Compressor cooling system
  • Removable Mixing bucket

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