Jungle Curtains 72s – Lined

Jungle Curtains 72s – Lined has the following specifications Jungle Curtains 72s. Jungle themed bedroom curtains from our Kids Jungle Animal range of bedroom accessories, with a bright and colourful pattern set in a vibrant jungle. The cheeky monkey is making sure his banana is safe, although the giraffe, with his long neck, or the elephant with her stretchy trunk might try to pinch it! The friendly lion just wants to play, but the crocodile isn’t so sure and is trying to hide, while the large snake is just being plain nosy. A different story and adventure every night when you have the Jungle in your bedroom.

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  • Each curtain measures : 66 x 72 (168 x 183 cm)
  • Material : 52% Polyester / 48% Cotton
  • Pencil Pleat Headers

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