Popcorn Maschinen – Retro popcorn Maker

Popcorn Maschinen – Retro popcorn Maker has the following specifications Way With The Fat. The Fairground Popcorn Machine offers a healthy alternative for all popcorn lovers. Rather than replace the popcorn using traditional techniques with oil or butter make, simply hot Zirkulierende Air when Fairground Popcorn Maker will be used. This has a the advantage that the small popcorn machine is very easy to clean with a cloth. The Fairground Popcorn Maker, with its attractive Fair Ferris Wheel Merry Go Round design is ideal for use Can be used both in and out of your kitchen. This allows you to such as going to the cosy film evening fresh popcorn in the living room. Or but you at work Ideal for a small snack, eye-catching factor to this product. This innovative device is will not only be popcorn fans enjoy great popularity.

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  • Popcorn, tastes delicious, particularly when it was made to the theatre or to the year market/Fair. Make your own fresh popcorn now home like a pro with this mini popcorn machine. Nostalgie.
  • Simply pour puff Mais in the popcorn maker and bestätig the start button. The popcorn machine is the heating by means of a built in heating plate and pay to a constant temperature around the bead distribute as evenly as possible at low temperature. After approximately 2 to 4 minutes the corn starts from the popcorn pipe for sources.
  • Small and portable to keep you always from room to room. Easy to clean, wipe clean with a cloth is all that’s required. Mains Power, works on the energy.
  • Nothing else as hot air in this case is sufficient is completely gewollt: These Hot Air Popcorn Machines come without any oil or butter from, which is really interesting for many Kalorienbewusste lovers.
  • Will Love The Family, in circle for children or guests need a Spontaner snack, then the popcorn machine can be quickly for adequate treats, please ensure without while hours of service and lots of dirt Kitchen Dish.

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