Royal Catering – RCPS-16.2 – popcorn machine

Royal Catering – RCPS-16.2 – popcorn machine has the following specifications

The RCPS-16.2 popcorn machine from Royal Catering was specially designed for professional use and is a guaranteed to be an eye-catcher for any occasion or event. Not only does it feature a heated base plate and a powerful heating element, but also a unique US design. Due to striking sleek black-painted colour and the American retro design, you will always stand out from the crowd and inspire not only lovers of popcorn. The housing of the popcorn machine is made of high-quality, coated iron and therefore can be cleaned easily. Thanks to the integrated, powerful heating element, 1600 watt, the machine heats quickly to operating temperature and is therefore ready for use quickly. The machine is able to prepare 16 litres of popcorn per hour (equivalent to 5 kg of popcorn per hour). The removable aluminium pot has a diameter of 18.5 cm and the high-quality Teflon coating prevents the burning of the popcorn. Furthermore, the pot can be easily cleaned so can be used again quickly. The large-area hard-glass window, which is illuminated by interior lighting, perfectly displays the delicious popcorn in a perfect way. The eye-catching, iconic American retro design is supported by retro stickers which are heat resistant. Thus, the device is a special sight and will attract popcorn lover at every event. With the eye-catching, black design and contrasting embellishments, you always stand out from the crowd. Your popcorn machine will create an American retro cinema feeling, which is the perfect atmosphere to eat popcorn. Thanks to the 1.6 m long cable with EU connection, the popcorn machine can easily be placed flexibly in any room, anywhere. The cleaning of the machine is also child-friendly (safe) thanks to the cleaning flap made of stainless steel. To do so, simply pull out the tray, wash the excess oil with warm water, and prepare the machine for the next use.

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  • American design
  • Separately illuminated interior
  • Pot with Teflon coating
  • Performance of 16 litres per hour (about 5kg / h)
  • Heating element with 1600 W power

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