SousVide Supreme SVS-10LS Promo Pack

SousVide Supreme SVS-10LS Promo Pack has the following specifications SousVide SupremeTM SVS-10 Promotion that includes everything you need to start sous vide cooking today, including the SousVide SupremeTM Water Oven, the SousVide SupremeTM Vacuum Sealer, Exclusive to customers 28cm Vacuum Sealer Rolls x 12m, Cooking Book and a Temperature and Cooking Time Reference Guide by Food Type. The SousVide SupremeTM is the world’s first water oven designed specifically to bring the extraordinary sous vide cooking method into the home kitchen. SousVide SupremeTM SVS-10 Promotion ships complete with: The SousVide SupremeTM water oven offers unparalleled cooking convenience in a compact countertop appliance. Designed to simplify meal preparation using the sous vide (pronounced soo-veed) culinary technique, the supreme makes it easy to have gourmet quality meals ready at the end of the day with minimal hands-on time. The process involves vacuum sealing food in food-grade pouches and immersing them in a water bath to cook at a very consistent, precise temperature. With the Supreme Water Oven System, it’s as easy as heating water! Just season your dish, vacuum-seal in food-grade pouches, simmer in the Supreme water bath, and serve. At the touch of a button, the Supreme cooks food to perfection. Vacuum-sealed bags lock in flavor and preserve nutritional quality, resulting in dishes with premium taste and texture. The precise temperature control and slow-cooking times consistently produce outstanding meals-steak cooked medium-rare edge-to-edge; vibrant vegetables; tender, juicy chicken breasts; and ribs with meat falling off the bone. It even saves money, easing the strain on tight budgets by making tough cuts, such as flank steak or brisket, as tender as filet mignon for a fraction of the cost.

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  • SousVide Supreme Water Oven
  • SousVide Supreme Vacuum Sealer
  • Pack of 2 x 20cm Vacuum Sealer Rolls x 12m
  • Free Next Day Delivery
  • 2 Year Parts and Labour warranty

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